In a post-lockdown world where crime in on the increase, it is now more important than ever to make sure your property, assets and staff are in good hands. Choosing the right security agency ensure that your business is proactive in responding to threats and stopping the culprits in their tracks. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of security solutions, Professional Alert Security strives to provide the best security services in order to ensure your business is protected against vulnerabilities.

Before working with a security company, it’s important to assess your businesses needs and ask these questions in order to find the company best suited for your security needs.

1. How much do they value honesty and integrity?

A security company needs to have trustworthiness at the core of its values and ethos in order to prioritise the safety of your business. Ensuring a security company is licensed and registered to provide legally provide you with the services you require is essential when looking for an agency to protect your needs. As well as giving you peace of mind, hiring a licensed security company like Professional Alert Security ensures your commercial security services are met in the most integral and professional way.

2. How much experience does the security company have?

Should something go wrong, you need a provider who can offer quick and efficient response. In order to ensure your property won’t be vulnerable for long you need to ensure the security agency you choose can be on hand in a call’s notice. With over 15 years in industry, Professional Alert Security is more than equipped to handle any situation in order to give you that peace of mind that you deserve.

3. What training do employees have?

Well-trained, front-line security guards with years of experience ensure that any problems that arise are dealt with professionally and swiftly. Our dedicated security guards provide the best service in order to quickly resolve any potential risks. Professional Alert’s Security Team is made up of highly experienced, qualified and reliable security professionals who provide high quality services.

From urgent security solutions to comprehensive, long-term solutions, Professional Alert Security is the reliable, affordable answer to your commercial security needs.