Is your store really secure? In 2019 the cost of retail crime was an estimated £4,821 million. This figure is reason enough for implementing a thorough security system to protect your business. Here are the main 5 benefits of Retail Security and how it will protect you. Retail businesses encounter a lot of security problems such as theft and violence, not just to the business, but also to the staff and customers. Review your security now. Ensure you have active monitored CCTV and hire professionally trained security guards to minimise theft risks and protect your staff and customers.


5 benefits of Retail Security and how you can better protect your business


Safety of the premises

The main purpose of retail security is to provide safety and security for the whole premises. Firstly, all retail premises must have an alarm system and physical security such as locks and shutters in place. We consider these to be basic measures in ensuring the security of your business. Secondly, you must install active monitored CCTV cameras and door security. All incidents are caught on camera with active CCTV meaning they can be reviewed by law enforcement if necessary. To provide your store with extra security, you should hire guards. This is extremely beneficial as security guards act a a physical deterrent and puts your mind at ease as a store owner, as they monitor customers and assess potential risks.


Minimising risks

As mentioned in the previous section, the presence of security cameras provides continuous monitoring. Therefore guards watching the cameras will anticipate incidents before they develop and will warn guards on the shop floor. Security guards observe and scan the environment for potential threats meaning less incidents will occur. This not only increases awareness about the business’s external and internal environment, but also reduces any potential dangers. As a result your business is a safer place for staff and customers alike.


Staff and customers safety

Following on from the second point, another important benefit of retail security is ensuring safety for staff and customers. 41,000 incidents of violence were reported in 2019; it is your responsibility to protect your employees and customers from threats and violence. The presence of CCTV and security guards creates a safer environment and deters criminal activity. Your security guards will focus on keeping everyone safe and preventing any incidents. This includes antisocial behaviour, theft, robbery and vandalism for example. It is important to create a positive environment for the smooth running of your store.


Product theft

Items are stolen from shops everyday and many thieves get away with it due to poor security measures. How much money have you lost from product theft? Having good security measures in place, not only prevents losses, but also provides a safe environment for customers and encourages safe shopping. Therefore, investing in thorough security measures should result in improved return on investment in the long term.


Queue control

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, you must implement extra security measures by law. In effort to minimise the risks, businesses are required to monitor the wearing of masks and the number of people entering  and exiting stores. Hiring trained professional security guards, not only enables effective queue control, but allows monitoring of PPE such as mask wearing. This reduces risk of virus transmission for both the staff and the customers.


There is far more than just 5 retail security benefits and many more reasons why you should not risk leaving security to chance. The importance of a professionally implemented security system is unquestionable. Protect your business and take the necessary steps to make your store a safe and secure place for your staff and customers.

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