5 Crime Hotspots in Manchester


If your business is based in Manchester, give this post a read to make sure your business is safe!

Manchester is a wonderful city however, like in many major cities, crime threatens businesses every day. In this post we’ve highlighted 5 crime hotspots in Manchester that you should be aware of. According to Greater Manchester Police statistics 389,951 crimes were reported in Manchester in 2018/2019. Thats a schocking average of 32,496 per month. And if those statistics weren’t already high enough, the reality is likely far worse… Greater Manchester Police failed to record up to 80,000 crimes in 2019. That being said, we have still used the available statistics in the post. This provides some understanding of the harsh realities you may face running a business in Manchester.

Manchester is recognised as one of the most challenging cities to police in the UK. Make sure you don’t end up the victim of these statistics. If your business is located in one of these 5 crime hotspots in Manchester, review your security now to ensure your business is safe 24/7.


1 – Moss Side (Total Number of Crimes year end 2019: 5,708)

Moss Side is one of the most famous places in Manchester for high crime rates and the worst of our 5. Unfortunately it is not uncommon to hear of shootings or violent, gang-related crime in the area. There is a high crime rate reported each year with 1,349 crimes being attributed to violence, 1,004 to anti-social behaviour and 423 to burglary. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as the government announced it is recruiting 20,000 police officers following years of cutbacks. The Mayor of Manchester has also spent taxes recruiting extra neighbourhood officers throughout the city and has created a new unit. Although this is positive news, it is essential that you take other preventative security measures.


2 – Longsight (Total Number of Crimes year end 2019: 4,397)

Longsight is an area unfortunately renowned for crime and anti-social behaviour over the years. There is a high level of deprivation in the area, and gang-related crimes are frequently reported.

The most commonly reported crime is violent crime with 1,288 incidents, followed very closely by antisocial behaviour with 626 incidents. 465 burglary’s were also reported meaning many businesses find themselves in an incredibly vulnerable position daily. Business owners are worried about whether their premises will be safe due to ongoing concerns around criminal damage and arson. If this includes you, there are steps you can take to reduce this risk. It is important to recognise that business premises are even more vulnerable after closing. However, ensuring the outside of your business is well lit and installing active CCTV can act as a deterrent.


3 – Gorton (Total Number of Crimes year end 2019: 3,374)

Gorton’s history of crime has made it a less attractive place for people to open a new business. However more recently the area has been regenerated and new homes are being built in an attempt to improve the area. Unfortunately this has also reportedly attracted more crime. Residents who have moved into the new homes are becoming the victims of theft and burglary. In response a resident has set up a petition to address the issue. Poor street lighting, lack of CCTV and easily picked locks are listed as the most significant issues. This highlights the importance of these security measures in preventing crime.

The most commonly reported crime in this area is violent crime with 1,022 cases, accounting for nearly a third of all crimes reported here. 240 burglary’s were reported along with 327 cases of criminal damage. As a business owner you are at risk of being the victim of violent crime. Reduce this risk by taking sufficient security measures. Make sure you have adequate lighting and CCTV in place as a minimum.



4 – Fallowfield (Total Number of Crimes year end 2019: 3,261)

Labelled as the student area of Manchester, Fallowfield is deemed to be one of the most high-crime areas. 1,186 of the crimes reported are categorised as burglary, anti-social behaviour or criminal damage. Many businesses in this area make their money from the local student population and continuously suffer the consequences of anti-social behaviour. As a result of this, there is a demand to improve safety in the area.

In response to the city’s issues, the Mayor of Manchester has outlined a community safety ‘Standing Together‘ plan in attempt to reduce crime. Significantly, the police are now working with Community Safety Partnerships to prevent and resolve anti-social behaviour through place-based response.

5 – Clayton & Openshaw (Total Number of Crimes year end 2019: 2,611)

Clayton is an area that you may be shocked to see on this list as a considerable amount of regeneration work was completed in 2002 before the Commonwealth Games. However, more recently, there has been a spike in the rate of  violent crime in this area with a total of 774 cases reported. This is a worrying statistic for residents and business owners alike. Sadly knife crimes are still being regularly reported so business owners must take precautions. Installing visible security measures can deter potential criminal activity.

There has also been a rise in the level of anti-social behaviour seen in this area with 244 cases reported. This is concerning when you consider that over one third of all crime reported in this area is listed a violent or anti-social.


Greater Manchester Police advise all businesses to install 24hour CCTV with facial recognition and ensure you have a monitored alarm. So if you own a business in one of these 5 crime hotspots in Manchester, or anywhere else in the city, contact us at PA Security:

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