Is your business based in Birmingham?

Large cities typically suffer from higher crime rates but some areas are far worse than others. That being said, much of Birmingham is a lovely place to both live and visit. However, in this post we are going to take a look at 5 high crime areas in Birmingham to raise awareness. In 2018 Birmingham was voted the most unsafe city in the UK and is still the subject of countless crime reports. Crime rates in Birmingham were higher than average for the West Midlands at the end of 2020 but were down a little from the previous year. This shows an overall step in the right direction. By demonstrating safe and secure business practices, you will protect your business and customers. In turn this will set a positive example to others. If you better protect your business, crime rates could drop making these areas safer for everyone.


5 High Crime Areas In Birmingham

Central Birmingham: Dale End

Dale End is known for gang violence and The Square shopping centre has the top spot for antisocial behaviour according to crime stats from 2019. With this area having a lot of shops, security is paramount. There is report after report of criminal activity in Dale End largely consisting of violence and antisocial behaviour. This puts business owners and customers at risk and can be damaging to business. Having a thorough security system in place including CCTV and security guards will act as deterrents. Visible security measures can also make staff and customers feel more comfortable if there is a risk of crime. This makes CCTV an important investment.



This area and the following two suffer the reputation of their past due to the formation of gangs and drug use from the time of The Burger Bar Boys and Johnson Crew gangs. The presence of these extreme right-wing and racist gangs in the 1980’s led to black and asian men forming their own gangs to protect their communities. Formed in Lozells Burger Bar and Johnson’s Cafe, the gangs have left behind a history of fear, violence and murder, the memories of which linger today. Although gang members mainly target each other, their presence makes this a high risk area. The area even includes ‘Birmingham’s most dangerous street‘ where residents feel unsafe due to the amount of shootings taking place. These factors highlight the necessity of integrated security systems for all businesses in this area.



Similar to Lozells, Handsworth has a longstanding reputation which is sadly reinforced by common reports of shootings, murder  and violent attacks. In just one month a shocking 490 individual incidents of crime took place in Handsworth. Unfortunately this can make Handsworth an unsafe place to conduct business so you must have full security measures in place. However, police are making efforts to address the issues with plain clothes patrols and a new operation to target violence and gun crime. Although this will hopefully reduce crime in Handsworth, you still need to make sure your business is completely protected.


Balsall Heath

Just overtaking Handsworth, 499 incidents of crime were reported in Balsall Heath for the same month of December 2020. Violence and sexual offences make up more than 50% of the total. Violent attacks, robberies and shootings are reported regularly making this a high risk place to live and work. Previously a notorious red light district, the area had seen significant improvement in crime rates thanks to a neighbourhood watch and Forum set up by residents. The Forum installed CCTV, cleaned up the streets and helped make Balsall Heath a safer place. Sadly, due to costs and a lack of funding, the Forum is now seriously struggling. As a result of this, prostitution and violent crime is on the rise again and the area is deteriorating. Unfortunately it appears Birmingham City Council do not seem to be forthcoming with intervention or help.

Click here to find out more about Balsall Heath Forum and donate to their worthy cause. All businesses in this area should focus on security and returning Balsall Heath to its safer state.



A shocking 729 crimes were reported in December 2020 in Highgate, the majority being violent crimes. This busy area is plagued by stabbings, shootings and other violent attacks. As a city centre district you may expect a slightly higher crime rate compared to other areas however, the number of incidents here is concerning. Police patrol and conduct stop and searches in this area however, it seems that more collective community efforts need to be made to improve the situation. To protect your business, staff and customers in this area you must have excellent security measures in place.


We have focused on 5 of the highest crime areas in Birmingham in this post however, businesses in all parts of Birmingham should prioritise the safety of their business, employees and customers.You can protect your business from shoplifting, robbery, violent attacks and staff abuse by implementing a thorough security system. This should include CCTV covering all blind spots, alarms, panic buttons, manned guards and training all staff in security procedures. Remember that the physical appearance of security including shutters and lighting also act as a deterrent. If a business looks well protected and secure, criminals are less likely to target you.


What should you do now?

If you own or run a business in one of these areas or anywhere else in Birmingham, you must check your security measures. This means everything from monitored CCTV and surveillance to static and patrolling guards. Well protected businesses could help improve these areas by setting safe and secure examples. This makes you a positive presence in the community. Don’t leave security to chance, protect your business now before it’s too late. We provide security knowledge and solutions in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. If you are not sure what you need or would like some advice, contact us now.