About Us

Our Company

Launched in Manchester in 2005, Professional Alert Security is a central contact point for commercial security requirements. As one of the UKs leading suppliers of security solutions, we serve the whole of the UK – helping clients to protect the business that they’ve worked so hard to build. Unlike many other security companies, PA Security’s team is made up of qualified and experienced security professionals, meaning that our expertise is based on real-world, proven experience. This experience allows us to quickly and efficiently analyse a business’s vulnerabilities and contingency plan for all eventualities.


Our services

We offer our services to clients within the construction, retail, warehousing and hospitality industries, to name just a few. We work with our clients to assess their security requirements and find the best solution for their business – and their budget.

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PA Security is committed to building strong, long-term, partnerships with its clients. For this reason, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager – meaning that you won’t have to go through the process of re-introducing yourself to new personnel.

Experienced, professional and knowledgeable, our team has the know-how to make sure that your business is protected – whether you need a security guard for a couple of days or, a more comprehensive, long-term solution.