Liverpool Crime Hotspots

Do you run a business in Liverpool? Crime can be more concentrated in cities and so it is important to be aware of which areas have higher crime rates. You will be able to protect your business better if you know you are in one of these Liverpool crime hotspots because you can increase your… Continue reading Liverpool Crime Hotspots

Why Security for Small Businesses is So Important

Security is not just important for large organisations. Security is essential for small businesses as well. Smaller businesses may find it financially harder to recover from security breaches such as theft or vandalism making security essential. There are many ways that outsourcing security could protect your business and employees. We’ve put together three key ways… Continue reading Why Security for Small Businesses is So Important

Security for Hospitality

As we come out of lockdown, the hospitality industry will be extremely busy. Do you own a hotel, restaurant, bar or another venue? If so, this applies to you! Coronavirus precautions will likely still be in place so you will require extra security to maintain control and a safe environment. As a result, there will… Continue reading Security for Hospitality

Construction Site Security: Is your site safe?

We've created this ultimate Construction Site Security Guide to help you keep your site safe! In this post: Why sites are targeted Things to consider Why site security is important Construction sites make easy targets for thieves, especially during the coronavirus pandemic as reported by Combined Industry Theft Solutions with sites being intermittently closed and… Continue reading Construction Site Security: Is your site safe?

5 Crime Hotspots in Manchester

5 Crime Hotspots in Manchester   If your business is based in Manchester, give this post a read to make sure your business is safe! Manchester is a wonderful city however, like in many major cities, crime threatens businesses every day. In this post we've highlighted 5 crime hotspots in Manchester that you should be… Continue reading 5 Crime Hotspots in Manchester

5 Benefits of Retail Security

Is your store really secure? In 2019 the cost of retail crime was an estimated £4,821 million. This figure is reason enough for implementing a thorough security system to protect your business. Here are the main 5 benefits of Retail Security and how it will protect you. Retail businesses encounter a lot of security problems… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Retail Security