We’ve created this ultimate Construction Site Security Guide to help you keep your site safe!

In this post:

  1. Why sites are targeted
  2. Things to consider
  3. Why site security is important

Construction sites make easy targets for thieves, especially during the coronavirus pandemic as reported by
Combined Industry Theft Solutions
with sites being intermittently closed and workforces being reduced to allow for social distancing, vulnerability is high. This Construction Site Security Guide provides guidance and advice on what you can do to keep your site safe.

Just because you’ve locked the gate to the site entrance doesn’t mean people wont find their way in. Keeping your site secure is essential to avoid damages, loss of tools and equipment and time consuming insurance claims. The chances of recovering stolen goods is extremely low, for example the recovery rate of stolen plant vehicles is less than 10%. All of these events can turn into major setbacks for business. Taking preventative security measures can save time, money and hassle. Security is important for both rural and city based construction sites as both pose opportunity to thieves. However, you face increased risk of theft if your site is in an isolated location as the perceived chance of getting caught is reduced.

Invest in your security so you don’t have to face problems at a later date. Whether your site is big or small, you can get a security plan tailored to your needs and ongoing 24/7 guidance and support. Find out more here.

Tips to keep your site safe:

  1. Avoid leaving tools and equipment on site
  2. Lock up anything valuable that cannot be removed
  3. Secure the perimeter
  4. Have CCTV installed and monitored
  5. Employ patrolling guards
1. Avoid leaving tools and equipment on site

This reduces temptation for anyone who may be scouting your site with the intention of stealing from it. If they can’t see anything worth taking, they’ll be less inclined to break in in the first place.

2. Lock up anything that cannot be removed

If you have to leave some tools and equipment on site, then make sure they’re locked away out of site in an immovable storage unit such as a container. Again, if theres nothing to see and it’s nearly impossible to get at, thieves will be less likely to try.

3. Secure the perimeter

This may sound like common sense but often gates or fences are not properly secured or can be easily moved or broken. A weak perimeter leaves easy access for anyone who wants to get in unnoticed.

4. Have CCTV installed and monitored

The presence of CCTV is a major deterrent for criminal activity. Thieves won’t think twice about targeting a site that doesn’t have visible CCTV but they will if they risk being caught on camera. CCTV footage increases the chance of conviction and therefore increasing risk. Having your CCTV monitored means security guards or the police can be alerted to any disturbance.

5. Employ patrolling guards

Patrolling guards are an even bigger deterrent and can play an active role in site checking for any potential risks. Having security guards on site offers an extra level of security that cameras cannot such as investigating any suspicious activity picked up by CCTV and immediately responding to any attempted vandalism or tampering with CCTV cameras. On site security staff can also act as an intermediary with any residents local to the site who may have concerns regarding the construction work.

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  4. Employ patrolling guards
Increase in plant theft due to coronavirus

The Construction Enquirer reports a 50% increase in theft of plant and tools during the Coronavirus pandemic. Sites are hotspots for criminal activity as a result of  being closed and left unattended. Read more here.

Active CCTV is essential

The Construction Equipment Association discusses the thefts of large construction vehicles last year and reports a spike in construction site and vehicle raids. This highlights the fact that it is not just smaller, easily moveable equipment that it at risk. The report also points out the need to invest in active CCTV to ensure monitoring guards are alerted to suspicious activity at the time of the event, before it is too late. Read more here.

Annual losses faced by construction sites

In November last year Natwest reported that every year construction sites face losses from £400million to over £1billion. The report also states that the bigger the site is, the bigger the risk of theft is due to it being more difficult to maintain adequate security and keep track of tools and equipment. They also point out the necessity of CCTV and onsite guards. Read more here.

Employ patrolling guards

Suffolk police point out how stolen site vehicles and equipment are difficult to track as they’re often hired. This further highlights a need for security as you may be liable for the cost of the hired and stolen goods. Suffolk police recommend precautions such as CCTV and 24/7 patrolling guards. Read more here.

We hope this Construction Site Security Guide was helpful. Thank you for reading!