How to Secure your Construction Site

Construction is an industry worth over a billion pounds, and with the territory comes many security risks. Opportunists will seek ways to get their hands on expensive equipment, and a recent example was in Ellesmere Port, where thieves broke into a construction site and stole a backhoe loader  

The demand and price for equipment increase with every new project erected in the UK.  


In the UK, theft costs the construction industry around £800 million every year. This figure includes costs from the loss of materials and the time taken away whilst site managers await replacements.         

Furthermore, it is not just crime that costs this industry; it is also the cost of human life with trespassers not safely equipped to be on-site—leading to severe harm and death. Effective security measures need to go beyond deterring theft; more focus should be on monitoring who is present on site.


Tips to enhance security on your construction site?      


Barriers and GPRS tracking systems    

Barriers and GPRS tracking systems can literally stop thieves in their tracks. Installing a concrete barrier system along the perimeter of the construction site will prevent thieves from driving through fencing. Furthermore, installing GPRS tracking devices on high-priced equipment or machinery will help to ensure a speedy recovery of stolen equipment.  


CCTV and Lighting 

Many construction site crimes happen at night or in the early morning hours when visibility is poor. Hence, an effective way to prevent theft is to ensure that the site is well lit, especially in storage areas where valuable equipment and machinery are left.    

Construction site managers should consider pairing great lighting with night vision enabled CCTV cameras as studies have shown a 13% decrease in criminal activity in places where CCTV is in operation. Additionally, hiring CCTV officers to monitor the cameras on-site will stop crime from occurring as they’ll be able to provide an immediate response.  


Static Guards and Mobile Patrols    

A security guard’s role can go beyond remaining static at entry points. They can also monitor the signing in and out system and check the ID of individuals entering and leaving the area.         

Mobile patrol officers will visit your site at random intervals to check predetermined locations and stop crime and trespassing. Moreover, when you hire a company like Professional Alert Security, you can hire a team of guards who will cover your site 24 hours a day.         



These three security measures will help ensure security; however, the combined effort will decrease crime and health and safety breaches. Our trained guards have been safeguarding construction sites at Professional Alert security for over 15 years.

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