Do you run a business in Liverpool?

Crime can be more concentrated in cities and so it is important to be aware of which areas have higher crime rates. You will be able to protect your business better if you know you are in one of these Liverpool crime hotspots because you can increase your security. Just like every city, there are more incidents of crime in some areas of Liverpool than others. However Liverpool’s crime rate is at 125% compared to the national average and violent crime has increased year on year. We’ve put together 5 areas that have had high crime reports for informative purposes.


5 Livepool Crime Hotspots

City centre: Ropewalks

This busy area of Liverpool’s city centre is full of a variety of shops, bars and restaurants. Although this is a great part of Liverpool to work in and to visit, it also has a very high crime rate. An astonishing 829 crimes were reported in Ropewalks in January 2021. A very high amount considering the country was in lockdown due to COVID-19 at that time. The majority of these crimes are due to anti-social behaviour and violence. There are many businesses here making it imperative that adequate security measures are in place. This will prevent any businesses from becoming easy targets. For example, the presence of security guards will deter individuals from engaging in anti-social behaviour and violence. This is important to protect your staff and customers and create a safe environment.

You should take security in Liverpool city centre as a whole very seriously. As with all cities, this is where there is the most concentrated number of businesses.



Walton is a diverse and largely pleasant area however it does suffer a high crime rate. In December 2020 826 crimes were reported in Walton including violence, burglary and robbery. Walton is also the home of ‘Liverpool’s most burgled road‘, County Road. Active CCTV is the minimum level of security you should have in a business here. We also recommend motion sensor lighting and a good alarm system. You may also want to consider installing panic buttons to alert police should a robbery take place.



Home to gangs such as the Croxteth Crew this area has a history of gang wars and has seen several murders over the years such as that of Rhys Jones. However the community has since come together and crime has calmed in this area making it somewhat safer again. The 242 crimes reported here in December 2020 reflects this. Although still unacceptable, this number is lower than it has been and will hopefully continue to decrease. Maintain the security of your business in this area with standard security measures such as CCTV and alarm systems. If you run a hospitality businesses in Croxteth you should employ security guards for busy times.



Although mostly a residential area, Kirkdale is also home to many businesses. After changing from a slum to a suburban area in the 20th Century, Kirkdale is a pleasant place. However sadly some parts such as the once lovely Flower Street’s are starting to deteriorate with increasing anti-social behaviour and violence. Close to Walton, Kirkdale faces similar gang related crime and areas such as Ruskin Street are said to be within the Delamore Street Gang territory. However, police patrols are increasing in attempt to deal with this anti-social behaviour. This being said, you must have active CCTV and alarm systems in your place of business and train all staff in security procedures. This will help to prevent your business from being the target of anti-social behaviour.


Litherland (Sefton)

Litherland contains some of the more deprived areas in and around Liverpool and unfortunately poverty is often a factor in high crime areas. 405 crimes were reported in in Litherland in December 2020, of which the highest number are violent crimes. Much of this can be attributed to gang activity which sadly means shootings and murders are not uncommon. There has been several serious incidents over the last year and police are working with communities to try and reduce criminal activity in Litherland. If you own a business in Litherland you should have substantial security measures in place to deter criminal activity.



Of course crime occurs all over Liverpool and every other city, not just in these 5 Liverpool crime hotspots and so you should implement appropriate security measures wherever your business is located. Liverpool is a wonderfully vibrant and multicultural place where businesses can flourish with good security measures in place.

Contact us now for advice and to arrange security in Liverpool ranging from CCTV installation and monitoring to static and patrolling guards. We also provide key holding and alarm response as well as many other services that will further increase the level of security for your business.