As we come out of lockdown, the hospitality industry will be extremely busy. Do you own a hotel, restaurant, bar or another venue? If so, this applies to you! Coronavirus precautions will likely still be in place so you will require extra security to maintain control and a safe environment. As a result, there will be increased demand for security for hospitality. Therefore, you need to prepare before the industry reopens. We’ve put together five key reasons explaining why you need to invest in security for your hospitality premises now.


Why do you need Security for Hospitality?


Coronavirus restrictions will likely still be in place for some time. This means all hospitality businesses must ensure proper crowd control and enforce maximum capacities. It also means door supervision and queue monitoring is still necessary and needs to be overseen by security professionals to make sure social distancing rules are followed. It is important to enforce all recommended coronavirus measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. You must also make sure that every customer completes the NHS Test and Trace and you are legally required to keep a record of all customers, visitors and staff for 21 days. Security guards stationed at the entrance to your premises will monitor this for you.

Implementing thorough health and safety measures and using security to monitor shifts will protect your business and enable you to remain open.  Strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines will also make staff and customers more comfortable. You should arrange these precautions now to avoid making time consuming changes once you are already open.


Crowd Control

You also need trained security guards because large crowds can be unpredictable and the general public can be hard to control, especially after alcohol consumption. Incidents often develop and require trained security guards to calmly resolve. Hospitality staff are at risk without the presence of professionals to maintain safe control. Security guards will keep each and every shift running smoothly allowing staff to get on with their roles and customers to enjoy themselves. This is even more important if your premises is hosting an event, has live music, a large booking or any other event where you may have more customers. Large groups who are celebrating may drink more and become unruly. Therefore you need security guards to deescalate any potential incidents.


Protect Your Staff & Customers

As mentioned in the previous point, security guards provide essential protection for both staff and customers should the worst happen. Staff can experience negative effects such as feeling anxious or unsafe if forced to deal with confrontational or challenging customers. Therefore, you should avoid the discomfort of staff wherever possible to create a pleasant work environment and retain employees. On the other hand, staff are likely to leave if they repeatedly have to deal with difficult situations. Creating a safe environment will also earn you a positive reputation which is priceless for your business. You must also have active CCTV throughout your premises. This will ensure any incidents will be recorded on camera and culprits can be pinpointed for removal or barring. CCTV recordings can also be given as evidence should the police require them.


Customer Service

An essential component of every business is impeccable customer service. The Institute of Hospitality discusses the moral obligation of security as being ‘an indispensable part of good service‘. It serves as a deterrent for hostile behaviour and reassures general customers. As door supervisors are typically the first point of contact for your customers, this is very important part of your overall customer service. For this reason, our security guards are personal and approachable and will become a part of your brand image. The result is a safe environment and a positive experience for your customers. In addition, the physical presence of security guards is reassuring to many people and reduces the likelihood of anyone causing trouble. If possible, it is better to prevent negative situations from arising than have to deal with them after the fact.


Hospitality Security: Experience

Lastly, it is important to have trained professional security guards who have experience in providing security to the Hospitality industry. You should not overlook this as the general public can often exhibit challenging behaviour, especially after alcohol consumption. Only trained and experienced professionals should intervene in such incidents. At PA Security our guards are SIA licensed and have considerable door supervision experience. We also provide full Hotel Security services including CCTV and surveillance, door entry and car parking security. This means you can relax, knowing you and your business are in safe hands.

In conclusion, Hospitality Security is not just an option, it is essential to your success. Security should be an integral part of your customer service. This means making sure you choose the best people for the job. And we are the best! No matter how big or small your security concerns are, we will assess your needs and implement the best strategy for you.

Have you got appropriate safety and security measures in place? Take action now and prepare to successfully reopen your business.

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