Why is security for schools and education important?

Having security for schools and education is essential for the protection of both students and staff. This is even more important in cities where there are considerably more people and there is a higher chance of trespassing. Unfortunately schools can be the target of theft, vandalism, knife crime and terrorist attacks. Therefore having security measures in place such as CCTV and guards is a necessity. Additionally, we provide security guards for out of hours protection when your facilities may present more of a target.

We have outlined 5 key reasons explaining why educational facilities must have a thorough security system in place.


5 Key Reasons :

1. To provide a safe environment for students and staff

Educational institutions have a duty of care as per the Health and Safety at Work Act, and so providing a safe environment for students and staff is of primary importance. Students and staff must feel safe attending the institution each day and be assured of their safety whilst there. This can be achieved by installing CCTV and having security guards stationed at reception. Furthermore, having security guards present is especially useful as they can be alerted by staff or students to any potential safety risks or concerns.


2. To provide a positive learning environment

If staff or students feel vulnerable, the quality of education will be impacted. Therefore, security must be a priority.  A safe and positive environment promotes learning and a positive social experience. This is important from an educators point of view as you aim to provide the best possible learning environment for your students. In turn, this contributes to a successful education and is a credit to the institution.


3. To reassure parents

It is important that parents of students are comfortable with their children being at school and are reassured that the institution will keep their child or children safe. As a result parents and students will have a positive relationship with your institution. Secondly, word of mouth directly impacts the reputation of institutions and so reassuring parents should be a priority because they will likely give you positive reviews. Therefore, ensuring parents have positive feelings towards their children education is beneficial for everyone.

4. To monitor who enters and exits the building

CCTV is a basic requirement in terms of school security as it enables full coverage of the entire premises and means all entrances can be monitored. CCTV also protects the premises after hours because it acts as a visible deterrent to criminals. Additionally, having security guards at reception increases the level of security ensuring only authorised persons gain access. It is imperative that only authorised individuals enter schools and that no children leave without proper authorisation. Most importantly, security measures will also prevent trespassing and maintain the safety of the building.


5. For fire safety

As mentioned in the previous point, having security guards at the entrance of the premises means an accurate up to date record can be kept of everyone who is in the building. This means that in the event of a fire or other emergency, everyone can easily be accounted for. If this happens, the security guards will calmly take charge of the situation taking the pressure of other staff members. As trained professionals, security guards will know the correct procedures for emergency’s and will take calm and logical action to keep everyone safe. Therefore, having extra security is the best way to ensure the safety of your staff and students.


If you own or run an educational facility, you need to have a strong security system in place. PA Security can help by providing local knowledge and tailoring a plan to suit your needs.

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