Over the last two years, many retailers have shut up shop. Some have moved from a physical to online retail space. So, it is not surprising that the latest statistics from The British Retail Consortium have shown a 50% increase in cyber attacks.

Furthermore, out of the £1.2 billion spent on crime prevention, over £160 million was spent on cybercrime prevention (BRC,2021).

The pandemic’s effect on UK businesses is everlasting. Even as we transition back into pre-COVID-19 normalcy. Leading to the question, what are the benefits of retail Security?

Top 5 Benefits of Retail Security

  1. Immediate response: Security officers will provide a quick and efficient response should any issues arise in your place of business; security officers are trained to communicate effectively with the public and remain calm in all circumstances. Thus, reducing the chances of situations escalating.
  2.  Reduces the risk of loss in stock: The presence of a confident trained security officer is one of the most influential visual deterrents to any opportunist seeking to carry out any theft or antisocial behaviour. In most stores, you’ll see a guard working alongside a CCTV officer at the front of the store; this combination protects all store areas from loss.
  3. Providing a safe environment for your staff and visitors: One of the many roles of a security guard is to patrol and keep a watchful eye over your business, customers and staff; this ensures that any antisocial behaviour is kept to a minimum or eliminated.
  4. Another layer of customer service: The first person, your customers, will see when they arrive at your store is likely to be a security officer. Although their eyes are on what is going on around them, part of the job is to provide a friendly and safe face enhancing the customer experience.
  5. Reporting any Crimes: If the police are called to your business, security guards are trained in the correct procedures to produce detailed reports, increasing the chances of solving the crime.

The bottom line

Whether physical or online, retail security is crucial to loss prevention. However, having a retail security officer present offers more value than just a theft deterrent. Seeing an authoritative figure at an entrance and on patrol in a store will automatically put customers and staff at ease. Should any threats arise, they’ll be there to handle the situation.


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