The festive season is upon us. The smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air as we begin to make space for our Christmas trees, and wind down for the rest of the year. Does your business require 24/7 manned security and emergency call response?

For many, it’s been another successful year of making it through testing times as we all adapt to the ever-changing world, we now live in. Deadlines were met, contract bids pushed through, and the cause for festive joy and celebration is on many people’s minds. Typically, at this time of year, we begin to see corporate operations slow down, put their feet up, and enjoy the rest of their well-deserved holidays. Many businesses close over the festive period, and properties and premises are left empty and unattended.

Assets can be left unmanned, and office closures that are announced publicly online act as an open invitation for those in the know. Christmas joy can quickly become Christmas stress, if people and valuable assets are not secured and protected.

For trusted key-holders who hold the fort throughout the entire year, Christmas is certainly a time when being the emergency contact is simply no longer an option. Being the person who has to get up in the early hours of the morning, raise the alert and drag oneself out of bed to get to the office is a burden at the best of times. For key-holders and password-protectors alike, a huge part of those greatly anticipated festive vibes include a clean break from taking on those responsibilities.

Protect your business this Christmas.

Having a trusted security company on board is the number one priority when it comes to securing your key-holders and password protectors well-deserved time off. Here at Professional Alerts Security, our trained guards take the weight off your shoulders with our 24/7 manned security and emergency call response. We offer a key holding service to all of our clients over the festive period for as little, or as long as your business requires.

In the event of an alarm-activation or a systems breach, our alarm-response team are immediately deployed to investigate and resolve the situation.

Sealed. Coded. Stored.

You can be rest-assured your properties are sealed, coded and stored in our secure control room- with access only by our licensed and professional staff. Your properties, carparks, events and assets are fully-manned and fully managed, with robust security measures you can rely on.

Presence is Power.

Trained and Licensed Security Guards UK

Professional Alerts Security UK

Having trained guards on-site is often enough to deter any potential thieves from temptation. CCTV and timed security lighting are important; however, the visibility of having a team of on-site security patrol guards cannot be underestimated.

Presence is power, and in this case, being seen is everything.

Looking to secure your business this Festive Season? Talk to one of our security experts today or drop us an introductory email on [email protected]