Do you know what skills security guards need to have?

Being a security guard is a complex and important job. Because of this, security guards are highly trained and highly skilled to successfully carry out their role. If you are looking for security guards to employ, you need to know the most important attributes to look for.

There are several key skills you must have to be a great security guard which we will discuss in this post.


The 5 most important skills you need:

Be professional at all times

Security guards represent both the company they’re employed by and the company they’re hired to protect. Therefore, as a security guard you must be professional at all times. This includes behaving professionally and dressing in neat clean uniform. Additionally, guards need to remain calm in stressful situations and act accordingly to achieve the best outcome.

Be alert

Security guards must always be alert and aware of their surroundings. They must avoid all distractions and be able to quickly react to any situations. Being alert is essential for all security guards in all roles. For example, patrolling guards, static guards, gatehouse guards and guards monitoring CCTV all need to be equally as alert and pay attention to the task in hand. Alertness is crucial for good surveillance skills making it a core attribute of a good security guard.

Be a quick thinker and a problem solver

In the event of a incident, it is the security guards job to address and resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible. This involves quick thinking and problem solving as there is no time for delays. Security guards also need to be able to think ahead and plan for all eventualities. Having solutions to problems before they arise means quick and effective resolutions. Security guards also need to know security and fire protocols for emergencies so that they can plan solutions accordingly.

Good communication skills

Effective communication is very important, especially in critical situations. The ability to effectively communicate with colleagues enables incidents to be quickly and safely resolved. Security guards also need to write up incident reports which requires good written communication. Additionally, security guards may need to communicate with customers as they are often the first point of contact when customers arrive. Good communication skills matter a lot here as the guard is representing the business they are protecting making them part of the overall customer service. Good people skills also allows security guards to effectively do their job in emergencies. This might mean gaining public cooperation to evacuate the premises or diffusing negative situations. Therefore strong interpersonal skills are a key attribute of a good security guard.

Good level of fitness

Security guards need to be able to move quickly and confront potential offenders if there is a risk to the security of the premises. Therefore, you must be in good health and physical shape to be able to apprehend wrongdoers. The appearance of a fit and healthy guard also acts as a deterrent because the perceived risk of being caught is high. This is important because it means the premises will not be viewed as an ‘easy target’ if it looks well protected. Security guards also need to know self defence to be able to protect themselves should they face an aggressive confrontation. These skills must be practiced regularly to be properly effective.


All of our security guards have these key skills making them an exceptional choice to protect your business. Our guards will be an invaluable addition to your team. Their priority is to keep your employees and premises safe from any suspicious or criminal activity.

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