Security is not just important for large organisations. Security is essential for small businesses as well. Smaller businesses may find it financially harder to recover from security breaches such as theft or vandalism making security essential. There are many ways that outsourcing security could protect your business and employees.

We’ve put together three key ways that security measures that you should implement to protect your business.


Essential security measures for small businesses

Firstly we are going to cover the basic security measures that you must have in place to secure your premises. This includes physical preventative equipment such as locks and shutters. These are typical barriers to entry and will help to prevent anyone from breaking in. You also need sufficient outside lighting such as motion sensor lights to ensure there are no dark spots which could be areas of vulnerability. Good lighting will deter criminals as there is nowhere for them to hide. Lighting will also make staff feel safer if they are locking up in the dark and alert you to any activity outside.


Key holding and alarm response

An alarm system is a security measure that all businesses must have. We install your alarms for you and monitor alarm signals 24/7 for immediate response. This takes away the stress from small business owners meaning you don’t have to worry about any security breaches yourself. We also provide key holding services so you can have true peace of mind that your premises will always be secure and any disturbances will be immediately checked out.


Employee protection

It is your responsibility as an employer to protect your employees. As a small business you may only have a few employees and there may be times where they are working alone making them more vulnerable to security breaches. To provide your staff with the best protection you must have CCTV installed and you should consider having security guards if your premises is in high crime risk area. CCTV and guards work as both a physical deterrent and a protective asset. If there is only a small number of staff working, CCTV surveillance will cover any blind spots and record any incidents that may occur. Having monitored CCTV protects the business because guards will immediately be alerted to any suspicious activity. In addition, all events will be recorded for evidence if necessary. You should have internal and external CCTV installed for maximum protection.

Lastly, ensuring all employees are aware of all security measures and procedures will help to make sure your business is always protected. Training all employees accordingly minimises the risk of any mistakes or incidents. Reminding employees to double check all windows and doors are securely locked and alarms are set is important and must become a habit every day.

Whatever level of security you need, no matter how big or small, we can help. We will discuss your requirements together and create a tailor made plan to suit you. Keeping your business safe and secure is our priority. Click here to contact us now.